"Nothing is incurable!"

"Nothing is impossible!"


One of the most amazing events in human history occurred between 1949 and 1959:


Blind people regained their vision.

Paralyzed people stood up our of their wheelchairs and walked.

Terminal cancer patients were suddenly cancer free.

Severe case of trauma- vanished.

And so much more.

For first hand accounts of people who were healed- please see click here reports start around 2:20


All of this occurred around and through the work of a simple humble man named Bruno Groening. Of himself he said he was merely an instrument of God, and never took credit for any of the thousands of spontaneous remissions of illnesses that occurred around him. He preformed healings under the direct observation of medical doctors.


While these healings happened around him, he ultimately taught people how to "Become their own Doctor/Healer." 

I have experienced many healings myself and honored to help people learn how to do this for themselves.

If you are interested in learning about this amazing story and how you can become your own healer, please watch this video and see if the teachings and practice resonate. If so, contact me and we can begin the mentoring process.



Groening said that what he taught was not his teachings, “but solely and alone the teachings of Jesus Christ,” saying “If people had gotten the message 2,000 years ago, I would not have had to come.”


However, he did not call anyone to convert to the religion of Christianity, instead calling people to be “Christlike”- to have faith and trust in the Divine, to love, to serve, “to follow God,” to honor Nature, Creation as Sacred, to know ourselves as Children of God and to learn how to be a vessel for miracles.


He said all people. regardless of race, nationality or religion were children of God, and that he had come to help all people.


Before he “went home” (as he called it) he said "When I am no longer with you in person, everyone will experience help and healing within themselves. Everyone will be his own physician! Healings will spread around the entire world, it cannot be stopped."


And his words have rung true, by applying his teachings “miraculous” healings continue to occur DAILY all over the world! Tens of thousands of people have received not only healing from “incurable” disease, but profound spiritual awakenings and transformations.


Through practicing this technique, Brunos help and putting his teachings into practice, I have healed- bi-polar depression, chronic inflammation of the knees, prostrate problems, chronic sore throats, and a very weak immune system.


A 2nd degree burn completely healed on my thumb (and the fingerprint grew back!). I was on 4 medications for Bi-Polar depresion and insomnia- and now are on none, and the Bi-Polar is healed.  Deporsonalization Disorder- a psychiatric disorder for which there is considered to be no treatment has completely healed.


Multiple addictions have vanished.... to name a few of the miracles I have experienced on this path.


All of this and amazing spiritual awakenings, magic, flow, miracles and the rapid evolution of my soul.


As Bruno himself said, "Nothing is incurable! Nothing is impossible!"


Some of these have come instantly! Some of them have taken time.


It is my honor to coach and mentor people on this path. Along with mentoring people on this path, I have created an organization that leads meetings and shares these teachings. For more information, see www.TheHealingStream.org.

Truth Bur