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Quora- My writings on a variety of Topics

Recovering From Fake Nondualuity (Neo-Advaita)

A watered down cultish version of an ancient Indian Philosophy



True Ramana Maharshi- The actual teachings of Ramana Maharshi Writings

Other Hindu Topics

Hinduism- Writings

Krishna Devotion Writing
Talks By Maharishi Om- Talks by a Hindu Swami that I have summarized  Writings

Glory to the Goddess! Writings
Wisdom from Ramakrishna writings
Sarangathi- the Hindu Path of Surrender Writings
Ramakrishna Writings

The Path of Surrender

How to surrender to and be guided by God

based he original 12 Step Program, 

the Oxford Group- the pre-cursor to the 12 Step Program,

Writings on this topic
Videos on this topic

Kundalini is a HIGHLY misunderstood topic- and once it awakens, knowing what It is, and how to navigate life after awakening is essential

Understanding Kundalini Writings 

The Actual Spiritual Teachings of Christ (Bruno Groening)
The Healing Stream
Become Your Own Doctor/Physician

Become a Master of life

The Healing Stream Website- Overview of this material

Youtube channel

Writings on this topic

General Spiritual Wisdom


Buddhism, general Writings

Nichiren Buddhism Writings

Pure Land Buddhism (Jodo Shinshu Focused) Writings  Videos


The Universal Way

Going beyond dogma to a direct experience of KNOWING


Christ without Christianity

Going beyond the Dogmas and Man-made structures to get to the essence of who Jesus was and what he actually taught. 


Also, see The Healing Stream- for the clearest presentation of what Christ taught, by one who was like him. 

Christian Universalism

The TRUE "Good News" that Jesus taught- that ALL would be "saved." The predominant early Christian view before eternal hell was made a formal dogma 600 years after Christ

Videos​  The earlier videos focus on this topic


Universal Salvation - the idea that ALL will be "saved"/ freed/ enlightened Writings

How Eternal hell is the most evil idea created by human beings writings



The Way of SEX- Moving beyond technique to the true Art of the Most Wonderful Dance there is Writings 
Redefining Intimacy and boldly proclaiming that intimacy DOES NOT equal sex Writings

Relationship Guidance Writings

BDSM and Kink as a path to healing and awakening Writings

Sacred Flow Tantra Writings 

Connection, Closeness and Intimacy Project - Writings

Guided Meditations Youtube


Contact Improvisation "Dance" Videos


Spirituality and Religion

Christianity, general Writings
Christian Mysticism (seeking Union with God) Writings

Opinion vs Fact, in Spirituality Writings

Religion vs a True Path Writings

The Simple Truth about the cause and release of suffering Writings

Spirituality- General Writing  Videos

Universal Salvation writngs
Twin Flame Insanity- Twin Flames is one of the most ,misunderstood and
distorted spiritual ideas on the planet. Writings

How Pornography Harms There is an active force, both commercial and social to say that pornagraphy is ""all good" and does no harm. This is scientifically and spiritually false.




Addiction Writing 

Advice for Youth facing abusive relationships Writing 

Writings on Cults 
Sikhism Writings
Greatest Hits- My favorite and most popular writings
Getting SIlly Writings

Exploration the definition (and mis-definition of addiction) Writings




Collections (Not my work)

Goddess Devotion Writings 

Islamic Answers Writing 

Nichiren Buddhist Writings

Nichiren Buddhism, Inspiring Writings 

Shiva Devotion Writings

Sikh Dharma (Sikhism) Writings​​

​​​​Spiritism Writings

All of the above I do free of charge- if you would like to donate to support my work, it is greatly appreciated- see my contact/prices page.

(note- up to Wisdom from Ramakrishna- listed- not all linked


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