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How to set up a session

~Please read over my $/energy exchange page which goes over how I operate with money and how I operate. 

The way I operate is people send me a 1-2 paragraphs and I respond with a voice message and a video.

The voice message is private- the video will be posted publicly, without any of your personal information or details being shared.

That will complete a "session."

You can reflect, take in what I offer and if you feel you'd like more- then you can send some more gre

Please send an email:
~acknowledging that you read my policies

~a brief description of your situation
~and what you are hoping to get from our work.

I will respond, usually within three days with one of three scenarios:
~Offering a referral or resource if I don't feel I can be of help

~Asking a few questions before responding

~Or if I feel I have enough information, hopping right in.



Working together

If we feel we are a match then some days I can hop right in and do a session then and there, otherwise, we'll find a time.


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