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(I have used different names over the years.... these are all me, for more about my life journey, see "About me" :)
Seth is more dedicated to his spiritual growth then anyone I have ever met.
~Mokhashananda teacher in Adhyashanti's Lineage

Seth has the gift of a true Healer. He carries a High Frequency Healing Energy in the core of his being that is both powerful and subtle in it's healing capacities. Sitting with him is a both a powerful and transformative experience.
~Dr. Darin Deterra founder 4dQ Holistic Mental Health System


Some words that come to mind when I think of my work with Seth include: reverent, safe, loved, heard, seen, reflected. He is able to meet and match my sensitivity in a way that is rare for a man, and simultaneously to hold and honor them. 
~Heidi, LMFT, Cranial Sacral Therapist, Tantric Dakini


Truth holds unbelievably spacious presence and embodies a beautiful open heart. I am awed by his deep care and ability to reach for connection and his commitment to facilitate the healing and uplifting of women. Just being in his prescece I can feel a sense of love and expansion.
~Desiree B. Sex and Relationship Coach

Seth's facilitation helped me to access a deep level of peace and joy that I seldom had achieved in mediation.
~Langdon Roberts, founder Santa Cruz Neurofeedback Center 

In the presence of Seth, during his guided meditaiton, my consciousness entered a deep Inner Sanctuary.

~Kiara, artist

The potency of Divine Energy that comes through Seth is palpable. There is a benevolent Force at work in all of our lives and Seth's ability to make that clear through simple presence is a gift.
~Prajna Ana, Satsang Teacher, Author Dying into This

Seth is the most energetically conscious and connected person I have had the pleasure of knowing. He has taught me more about the way I am in the world then anyone I have ever met. His ability to hold my concerns and struggles with respect, integrity, compassion and confidence is unsurpassed. Through my continued work with him. Through my continued work with him, I have come to not only a acceptance of whom i am, but a deep celebration of who I am and what I can bring to the world.
~Jeanie, Holistic Physical Therapist 

Through my work with Seth, I have come to know my true self, who I really am.
~Bob ____, Radio Personality


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