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Money is a form of energy.
Here is how I like to "play" with money.

I offer a very simple formula:
I get paid for each session we do.
How much is up to you.

If there is any discomfort about this I am happy to have a conversation to find something that feels good to you.

For mentoring- a session is defined as:
You send an email.
I reply with a video and voice message.

Meaning, for each exchange, you'll need to pay/offer something.

General Policies

~$25 for cancelations less then 24 hours

minus emergencies
~Everything you share will be held in confidence other then an active plan

(as opposed to just the feelings or desire) 
end your life,
harm another person.
I reserve the right to break confidence in such case.

For people with extreme psychiatric conditions, I require that you be working with a mental health practitioner- I am not a licensed counselor or therapist- I offering spiritual and holistic wisdom. 

I do not get romantically involved with people I am working with.

I take the container of offering work VERY seriously.

Occasionally when i work with someone,

after the work is complete,

things will evolve into a peer connection

or collaboration.
This is a very delicate matter

which I do not jump into casually.

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