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Nonduality (Neo-Advaita)

Nonduality, also known as Advaita Vedanta is a school of Indian Philosophy that was founded in the 8th Century by Adi Shankara.

Not only is it a philosophical school, but an actual Order, and actual School of Experiential Philosophy. 

Roughly mid 20th century, people outside of this school began teaching it and deeply distorting it's message. One primary such teacher was Papaji and then many of his students.


Since then all around the world, unqualified people hold "Satsangs" and teach a very watered down and DANGEROUS version of this ancient philosophy.

The two main distortions that are taught are:

1) There is nothing to do since you are already enlightened.
2) Everyone should practice self-inquiry (a form of spiritual discipline).

Ramana Maharshi, quite possibly the most famous Nondual teacher next to Shankara taught that:
~Some people can hear the truth of Nonduality once and effortlessly wake up

~Some people can hear the truth of Nonduality once and reflect on it for a short time and then fully awken.
~Some people would need to make YEARS of STRENOUS effort to awaken. 

~And that the path of Self-Inquiry was only for a select few people. Most people he said could not follow it and would fail if they tried.

Following Incorrect Nondual teachings is dangerous. It took me to the brink of suicide, and I know of many others who it has WRECKED THEIR LIVES.

I am happy to talk to anyone who has been negatively impacted by Neo-Advaita and/or feels that there is something quite wrong with it, but cannot put their finger on it.


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