Let's connect!

Scheduling Contemplative Arts
For Contemplative Arts please share good days and times for an appointment.

I am in Eastern US time, in general

1030am-730pm are good for me.

Scheduling Other Services


Other then Contemplative Arts, we'll have an initial 15 minute "feel in."
Indicate your time zone and some good days and times.


Prepping for your session/Feel In
I always spend 5+ minutes grounding and centering before a session, journaling, listening, asking,
"What is most essential?"

"How am I in this moment?"
I suggest you do the same.
I predict you will get OODLES more out of our time if you do the same too..

Zoom link at bottom of page  

For people not interested in services 
I welcome by email:
~Appreciations of my work
~Testimonials/feedback how my work has impacted you.

~Ideas for collaboration

Want to connect personally? 
By no means a celebrity and I have a strong online presence on multiple mediums

and live a full life.

It is very rare that I am available to chat or drop in with someone who is a fan of my work and it does happen.

f you wish to connect on a personal level

and we don't know each other

please send a short voice introduction

by email or a link to something of you talking

so I can feel in.

Let me know who you are, why you're reaching and where you see possible synergy. 


Zoom Link

email: ThereIsSomeKiss@gmail.com