Living an Inspired Life.

There is a Power, a Force, A Consciousness that IS INFINITE.

And Life goes SO much better when we let IT be in charge.


When we take our hands of the steering will and Let INFINTE Wisdom/Love guide us.


In the Star Wars Universe, a Jedi Knight is not one who controls The Force, 

but is GUIDED by It.


We've all had the experience of being in a Flow State, in which Inspiration moved through us and moved us.


THAT is the way we were designed to live.


That is how I live, and that is how I teach others to live. 



While on the surface this sounds SO NICE.... what it requires is that people 




Not to me,

not to a group,

but to This Infinite Supreme Reality.


I don't push a particular dogma- I have worked with Christians, a Muslim, New Agers. Agnostics....

YOU get to define Higher Power....

and I get to help you deepen your walk with It.


Truth Bur