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I have done quite a bit of online writing and videos:

Main areas of focus:

My Youtube channel on: The Path of Surrender (how to surrender to and be guided by God) and my Quora writings on this topic. (The original 12 Step Program, the Oxford Group- the pre-cursor to the 12 Step Program, and the path of surrender as taught in various mystical and religious traditions)

I have started an organization to teach people how to become their own healer/Doctor: The Healing Stream. This work is based on the actual teachings of Christ, which I see as distinct from the religion that was created around him. This was taught by Bruno Groening the most Christ-like being I have ever heard of. Here is my Quora writings about him.

Jesus Without Religion- Youtube channel The Practical Path taught by Jesus and how to access his help WITHOUT RELIGION!

God beyond Dogma, writings. Freeing ourselves from Religious Dogma to get to THE TRUTH.

My Youtube channel and Quora Writings Christian Universalism- The TRUE "Good News" that Jesus taught- that ALL would be saved.The predominant early Christian view that  ALL beings will be saved, reconciled. 

My Youtubube channel and Quora Writings on recovery from Neo-Advaitat- Fake Nonduality- A watered down cultish version of an ancient Indian Philosophy

My writings on Hinduism on Quora

I am an active writer on Quora: My Quora Profile: 

All of the above I do free of charge- if you would like to donate to support my work, it is greatly appreciated- see my contact/prices page.



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