Crystal Light Therapy is done with a device that hangs above a massage table with seven crystals through which light is shined to balance the seven major energy centers (chakras) of the body.

People report having a very nourishing rejuvenating experience and those who are dealing with shock, trauma and overwhelm consistently report that they find it very soothing, clearing and cleansing.


Some experience quite profound awakenings, healings and sometimes connection to a Vaster Intelligence and and communication with Powerful Beings of Light.


During half your session, I also do non-directive energy work (see Tuning In to the Healing Stream) and hold a prayerful space.​


Sessions last up to an hour

“I would describe the Crystal Bed experience for myself as deeply relaxing and very energizing at the same time.

I was definitely aware that there was a lot of healing energy moving through and around my body. A few times

I felt a sense of a Great Intelligence rearranging something within me. I would highly recommend the experience to anyone

and am planning on getting a Crystal Bed for my Clinic”
~Adam Atman founder Los Gatos Acupuncture and Qi Center

There was so much healing energy around my mouth (where I had 15 oral surgeries), which helped me release tension and stresses that were stored trauma in that area. I was also given my next step for my healing journey.”


Truth Bur