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Who am I?

Who are you?​

Who are we?


On the most unspeakably, wonderous, journey imaginable-


I began meditating in my teens and had a Kundalini awakening... I didn't know what was going on, just that I was irresistably drawn to "spiritual" things and creative endeavors.

Once I was introduced to the idea of Enlightenment- of being At One with everything, I was possessed to pursue that.


I am a very creative passionate being. Poetry, Dance, Writing, Authenticity, Relationship, Connection, Intimacy, Tantra.
Are DEEP passions of mine.

Over time, I began to notice that a theme of my life has been the resolving the seeming conflict and tension between the paths of:


  • being at peace, content and happy under all circumstances / feeling whole and complete - not wanting or needing anything

  • the path of following one's desires and feelings and inspirations


For decades, I vacillated between wanting to be a monk and wanting to be a poet/lover/dancer/artist.

I have come to learn that this "conflict" is very common and one fo the central issues of the spiritual life.

And I am happy to say the tension is mostly resolved... when I am detached and whole- it is much easier to create and follow my inspirations- from an unattached place!


My path has been an ongoing initiation. I have faced nearly every challenge that can come one's way in life - and made it through - by some mysterious combination of grace and grit.

I am NOT A Guru.

I am an Artist - seeking to ruthlessly follow and express a vision of myself and life I find from within

I am a Yogi- Seeking to ruthlessly find ABSOLUTE freedom, healing and peace- no matter what.


A few of the main “Modalities” I draw from:
Classical Hindu Philosophy (many schools and teachers)

The Original Version of the 12 Steps for Spiritual Awakening

The Teaching of Christ as shared by Bruno Groening
Classical Advaita Vedanta (Adi Shankara, The Gita,
Ramana Maharshi)
Theravada and Mahayanna Buddhism,
Classical Tantra (Awakening Through Kundalini and opening all 7 Chakras)
Many Styles of Mediation 
Deep Listening (Carl Rogers)
Attachment Healing Work
Transparent Communication
Fire Serpent Tantra,
The Work of Albert Ellis (REBT)
Poetry Writing

Things that have had a deep influence on me:
Contact Improvsation "Dance"
Ecstatic Dance/Free Forum Movement
Orgasmic Meditation 
The Work of Alice Bailey
Catharsis Work

Islamic Mysticism (Sufism)

Things I have explored deeply and draw parts from
The Work of Joe Dispenza,
Nonviolent Communication,
The Work of Byron Katie
Inner Child Work (HART + Inner Bonding),
A Course in Miracles


With Love,

and belief in your limitless capacity,


I have had quite the dance with names- my legal name is:
Arthur Paul Burton III, currently using:

And I have used the names:

I answer to any of the above....

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