Who am I?

Who are we all?


On the most unspeakably


journey imaginable-




I began meditating in my teens. Once I was introduced to the idea of Enlightenment- of being At One with everything, I was literally possessed to pursue that.


The deepest theme of my life has been the resolving the seeming conflict and tension between the paths of:


  • being at peace, content and happy under all circumstances / feeling whole and complete - not wanting or needing anything

  • the path of following one's desires and feelings


For decades, I vacillated between wanting to be a monk and wanting to live a life of passion, inspiration and fun.


At last, someway, somehow, those two paths no longer feel in opposition. I cultivate deep peace and acceptance of what is, and experience peace and serenity under most circumstances, and simultaneously follow my heart ruthlessly as a creative passionate being.


What I came to realize is that I am most effective following my passions and desires when I am at peace and unattached. When I am free and unconcerned with outcome - I found it was a lot easier to create a wonderful outcome! When I realized this I could almost here the Divine laughing and smiling at me and a phrase came to me, “OH, Truth feels Good!” 


I love working with people who are passionate about these two deep drives in all of us - the drive to be at peace and free and the drive to live a creative vibrant life.


My path has been an ongoing initiation. I have face nearly every challenge that can come one's way in life - and made it through - by some mysterious combination of grace, grit and my own efforts. Compassion for myself and others comes pretty naturally and as a result of having suffered so much on the path of seeking to be at peace.


Having faced so many different challenges. I am well equipped to support others on various stages of their path. To this day, I am constantly studying (and inventing) new modalities for expanding consciousness, healing, awakening and embodying Divinity.


A few of the main“Modalities” I draw from:

The Work of Albert Ellis (REBT), Transparent Communication/Radical Authenticity, Deep Listening, The Work of Joe Dispenza, The Teachings of Christ as shared by Bruno Groening, Nonviolent Communication, Catharsis Work, Classical Tantra (Awakening Through Kundalini and opening all 7 Chakras) Attachment Healing Work, The Work of Byron Katie, Original Version of the 12 Steps for Spiritual Awakening, HART Process (Holistic and Rapid Transformation Process) , Inner Child Work (HART + Inner Bonding), A Course in Miracles, Ramana Maharshi, Many Many Styles of Meditation

Deep Influences on Me:
Ecstatic Dance, Taoism, Transparent Communication, Fire Serpent Tantra, Sexual Tantra, Martial Arts, Orgasmic Meditation The Work of Alice Bailey,  Nonduality, Braco


May the

(Healing, Awakening)

Force be with You,


in Always


With Love,

and belief in your limitless capacity,


(I have had quite the dance with names- my legal name is Arthur Burton, however as a child I was called Burt as nickname, then Paul, my middle name, then Seth and Truth as "spiritual names." I answer to any of the above!)




Truth Bur