Personal Meditation Instruction


I began spontaneously meditating at the age of 16 and have pursued meditation for over two and half decades.


I enjoy working with people who are new to meditation and am happy to report that seasoned meditatiors with my presence and guidance are able to go deeper then on their own.


There is no one size fits all technique or path.... There are literally thousands of different forms of meditation and I help people find the technique, approach or way that best suits them, and like adaptive yoga, I make modifications to specific techniques to suit individual needs.


I also have created a number of meditations which I am happy to share- including “I am a Child of the Divine”- a guided experiential experience of connection to our Creator and “The Heart Smile” the most fun, enjoyable form of mediation I have ever encountered, and “Meditation as Medicine”- a guided process of learning to meet what arises in the present moment with wisdom and love. 


In person, phone and skype sessions available. For people new to meditation- sessions last around 30 minutes with time for questions, longer sessions available.

To schedule a session, please see my contact page

Truth Bur