Sacred Spot Massage

"The Shakti (Sexual, Spiritual Power) of woman is limitless" ~The Tantra Classics

SSacred Spot Massage is a healing ritual that brings healing and awakening to the Yoni (Sanskrit for Vagina, meaning sacred vessel or source of the Universe.

We all hold tension and pain from the past in our body, even modern medicine is begining to admit this. Tantra points out that we carry much sexual pain, shame, fear and inhibition in our genitals, specifically for women in their sacted spot (also known as the G-spot).


In this ritual, loving prescence is brought to the Sacted Spot- to help awaken women't limitless sexual capacity, and to help heal and release pain, trauma and blcokages from the past. 


This is done through the simple act of touching the Yoni with no motive other then to bring prescence, love and healing to her. and through maintaining eye contact throughout the process.  

Through approaching the Yoni with the intention to give, and with love, She awakens in a way that She normally cannot when approached with the desire "to get." To be touched without any goal- even the goal of "pleasing" Her awakens Her in a way that is truly miraculous and imensly pleasurable.






"Truth is the most energetically conscious and connected person I have had the pleasure of knowing. He has taught me more about the way I am in the world than anyone I have met. His ability to hold my concerns and struggles with respect, integrity, compassion and confidence is unsurpassed. Through my continued work with him I have come to not only an acceptance of who I am, but also a celebration of myself and what I can bring to the world.  

~ Jeannie"  

Truth Bur