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I am constantly studying and creating new modalities.

Listed below are a few of my main offerings, with more detailed descriptions below:

Contemplative Arts
Guidance in the Art of Turning Within
~Energy Healing Session
~Energy Healing Session with Focus
~Meditation Instruction
~Awakening Intuition, Receiving Guidance
Spiritual Mentorship
~General Spiritual/Life Coaching
and specialized areas

~The Teachings of Bruno Groening
~Recovery from Fake Nonduality (Neo-Advaita)

~Living Dharma (Hinduism and Buddhism)
~Kundalini Integration
~Recovery from Spiritual Bypass/Unbalanced Spirituality

Elaboration of the above:
~Energy Healing Session
Doing remote energy work while guiding you how to take in Healing Energy for yourself. 

~Meditation Instruction
Finding the form of meditation that suits you best
~Energy Healing with Focus
Leading you through specific meditations to address blockages, challenges and facilitate growth

~The Teachings of Bruno Groening 
The most "Christ-like" Christian I have ever heard of. His teachings get to the essence of what Christ taught.

~Recovery from Fake Nonduality
If you have been introduced to "Nonduality" there is a VERY strong chance it is Fake Nonduality and actually harmful. I feel very blessed and honored to have the encouragement, support and blessing of Maharishi Om,
a Hindu Swami, in doing this work.

~Kundalini Integration
Once Kundalini has awakened, a corner is turned. I help people to navigate these deep waters.

~Recovery from Spiritual Bypass/Unbalanced Spirituality
Spiritual Bypass is any use of spiritual techniques or philosophy that negates our humanity.
~Living Dharma (Hinduism/Buddhism)
I have dived very deeply into both Hinduism and Buddhism and am available to support people on these paths. 

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