Tantra Coaching

Tantra is the Art of giving our Heart, Body and Soul that which we Yearn for- Love, Intimacy and Communion- with ourselves, each other and with "The Sacred."

Tantra is an approach to life that embraces Life, Love, Body, Emotion, Desire as Sacred.

It embraces and helps us satisfy our deepest longings in ways that nourish us and actually Spiritually awaken and Heal us. Tantra views our Sexual Energy and our Deepest Desire for Union as the QUICKEST (much less most pleasurable) way to awaken and heal, IF we bring Consciousness, Presence and Love to them.


Some themes we can explore in a Tantric Coaching Session are:
* Connecting with yourself
* Honoring yourself

* Getting clear on what you want
* Honest Yes's and No's
* What is intimacy for you?
* Energetic Sensitivity
* Seeing the Divine in Ourselves and in Another

* Detachment

Through Joyful "Practices" such as:
Staying grounded.
Conscious Consensual Hugging
Heart Opening "Meditation"
Circulating sexual energy
Eye gazing
Finding Maximum pleasure in each movement, touch, moment
Giving and receiving touch


Truth Bur