"Arthur has the gift of a true healer. He carries a high frequency healing energy in the core of his being that is both  subtle and powerful in its healing capacities. Sitting with him is a profound and transformative experience."

~Dr. Darin Deterra

“Some words that come to mind when I think of my work with Arthur include:  reverent, safe, loved, heard, seen, reflected.

He is able to meet and match my sensitivity in a way that I find very rare in a man, and simultaneously to hold and honor them.”

~Heidi T, LMFT, Cranial-Sacral Therapist

“Arthur holds unbelievably spacious presence and embodies a beautifully open heart. Over and over I am awed by

his deep care and ability to reach for connection and his commitment to facilitate healing and the uplifting of women.

Just being in his presence, I can feel a sense of love and expansion.”

 ~Desiree B., Sex and Relationship Coach

“Arthur's facilitation helped me to access a level of deep peace and joy that I seldom had achieved in meditation.”

~ Langdon Roberts, founder The Center for Transformational Neurofeedback

"In the presence of Arthur during his guided meditation, my consciousness entered a deep inner sanctuary."


“The potency of Divine energy that comes through Arthur is palpable. There is a benevolent force at work in all our lives and Seth's ability to make that clear through simple presence is a gift."

~ Prajna Ana, Satsang Teacher, Author

"Arthur is more dedicated to his spiritual growth than anyone else I've met."

~ Mokshananda, teacher in Adyashanti's lineage.

“Arthur is a pure channel for the divine Light that comes from Source directly.

Through working with Truth, I have experienced profound healing and many miracles.”

~Kannon, Licensed Acupuncturist, Energy Worker,

“When I sit with Arthur, my mind quiets down much more easily then on my own. I am able to go much deeper.”


“Arthur's group meditations were incredibly helpful. He helped each of us find a meditation that served our immediate needs in the present moment.”

"Arthur is the most energetically conscious and connected person I have had the pleasure of knowing. He has taught me more about the way I am in the world than anyone I have met. His ability to hold my concerns and struggles with respect, integrity, compassion and confidence is unsurpassed. Through my continued work with him I have come to not only an acceptance of who I am, but also a celebration of myself and what I can bring to the world. " 

~ Jeannie

Truth Bur