Thought Coaching

The long and short of it is- we are the cause of our own misery.

Pleasure lets us know what we like, discomfort and pain lets us know what we won't like.


We "need" discomfort and pain to navigate life.

Suffering is arise from how we view and interpret situations. 

What we THINK and belief about a situation.


We cannot change what is already happened.


But we can change our thoughts about it.

I help people identify the specific thoughts that are causing their suffering and change them. 

I call this work "Thought Coaching" in that i teach people a skill that, for the rest of their lives, they can use to switch from suffering to acceptance.

It is a simple three step process:

1) Understanding the cause of suffering

2) Removing the cause of suffering

3) Creating the life you do want, now that you are free.

While this process is quite simple, and insight and relief from suffering can come very quickly, breaking the suffering habit takes work and practice.

This work is based in over 20 years of exploration into various systems of identifying negative thought patterns, such as The Work of Byron Katie, Cognitive Therapies, Nonviolent Communication. It is grounded in the work of Albert Ellis (considered to be the most important psychologist of all time), who recognized the same fundamental insight that the Buddha, Lao-Tzu, philosophers, sages and saints have reported throughout history- that attachment and non-acceptance of things as they are is the root cause of our misery.

I am honored to have studied and been trained by Dr. Michel Edelistein, author of the book "Three Minute Therapy," who himself was directly trained by Albert Ellis. 

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