Reconnecting to Source

Energy Work

There is an Energy, a Grace, available to all of us which can awaken and heal. It can bring peace to a troubled mind, mend a broken heart and heal the body.


This work is inspired by traditional Qi-Gong Healing, Reiki and the actual teachings of Christ.


Through a combination of guided meditation, energy work and prayer, I help people find a direct connection to Sacred Divine Energy for Healing, Awakening, Growth and deeper Joy.


In our time together I:

~Do non-directive Energy Work. I open myself up to this Energy. and ask IT to work through me on you, in whatever way is best for you.

~Teach you how to Receive This Energy for your own Healing and Awakening

~Teach you how to Receive This Energy to Help and Heal others


Experienced meditators are often shocked at how deeply they are able to drop in with this practice.... having experimented with various spiritual disciplines for over 25 years, this practice gives me the easiest experience of a Direct Connection with the Divine that I have found.... and it has some amazing “side” benefits.

Using it, I personally, and thousands have healed actual physical illnesses considered incurable by the medical paradigm. It can awaken dormant capacities and actually lead to Self-Knowledge... and feels VERY good.

Sessions typically are 30 minutes, longer sessions available. 


In person, phone and skype sessions available.

"Arthur has the gift of a true healer. He carries a high frequency healing energy in the core of his being that is both subtle and powerful in its healing capacities. Sitting with him is a profound and trans-formative experience."

~Dr. Darin Deterra, founder of Holistic Prosperity

"Doing this work with Arthur helped me to realize my true self."

~Bob, Radio Personality

I do not diagnose or treat illness or any kind of condition, hence I don't ask and won't discuss what the specific burden or illness you are looking for help with.


Instead, I help people connect to healing energy.

For more information about the Healing System I use, please see: The Healing Stream


If you'd like to schedule a session, please see my contact page


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