What is Tantra? 

There are so many definitions of Tantra! 


My understanding of Tantra is based on:

Intuitive Understandings of the Dance of Life that have come to me in deep meditation

Studying and Practicing with Awakened Beings, 

Exploring, Playing and Practicing with fellows on the Tantric Path

Study and Reflection of the Tantric Classic Texts

Study, Practice and Reflection on Modern Tantra (called Neo-Tantra by Scholars)


After all that! what I have come to is that Tantra is a spiritual/healing path that is based on :

awakening and working with the primal Life Energy (called Kundalini in Indian Thought)

often entails working with 7 energy centers (chakras)


With many possible goals- such as

Siddhahood/Buddhahood- Literally becoming a "super being"

Liberation/Enlightenment- Bringing an END to ALL suffering  

Experiencing Life as on ongoing Romance/Love Making Experience

Healing of emotional, mental, energetic blockages/imbalances

Experiencing Sex as a Sacred Act- feeling connection to God/The Divine/The Sacred through and during sex  

Deepening of Love

Better relationships

Feeling more connected to one's partner during sexual activity

Personal Growth/Evolution on many levels

Stronger and more intense Orgasms (as well as the capacity for men to control ejaculation)




Truth Bur